Project Meditation – Is Meditation Good for Everyday Life?

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Project Meditation – Is Meditation Good for Everyday Life?

If you have a busy life like I do, you know the one where you are busy raising a family and everything that goes with it, like cooking, cleaning, shopping, kids’ activities and squeezing all that in while holding down a full-time job, then you know what I mean. And because of that busy life you, yourself and you played second fiddle to it all.  Well that was me and when I realized that one day I decided it was time for a change.  Now don’t get me wrong I have a great life but I needed to put myself front and center for a change as I owed it to myself and my family.

I set out to discover how to improve my self-development, my awareness, my fitness, my nutrition.  The first place I decided to focus on was self-development and decided to research meditation for beginners.  I had some questions though as knew there were meditation benefits but I wanted to know “how do you meditate” and how do I “learn meditation“.

I knew there were various types of meditation and they all would help get me more focused and calm about everyday life but I didn’t know who to ask or where to go to get help so I went online looking for some answers.

I looked locally first and discovered a local Meetup that offered a group meditation class.  I decided that would be a good place to start as I have never meditated before so I went to the class.  The class was great, having it guided for me was very helpful, it was very relaxing and I knew right away this was something I had to incorporate into my daily activities.  The group class was good and I will probably still attend but do add this to my daily routine I needed to find something that I could do at home, that was easy and didn’t take a lot of practice doing.

There is so much information online, where do you begin.  I started looking for free meditation downloads and starting using some of those, they were just “ok” as they didn’t keep me motivated or provide the results I was looking for.  For some people learning how to meditate is easier than others and I was in the latter group, so I knew using free meditation downloads or free how to meditate for beginner videos were not going to give me the results I wanted and I needed to find a program that was not only beneficial but had great review and was worth my time.

I came across a top-notch program called Project Meditation.  They have a try before you buy demo that is 14 minutes long, they have a progressive program which I liked, so as you do get better at meditation you can move up the scale so to speak.  You can listen with or without headsets and instructions to help you get started.

Project Meditation also had some very strong testimonials on how this has helped others accomplish meditation benefits.  At lot of the testimonials come from people, including doctors who have been meditating for years which provided credibility to the program.  Not only that, they have a forum that you can participate in to gain even more insight to what Project Meditation can do for you and how it is helping others.

Types of Meditation.

Are you considering incorporating meditation into your life?  Maybe you have even dabbled in it here and there.  When I first started I didn’t have the slightest idea how to do meditation or much about the various types of meditation.

There are various forms of meditation which all practice the same basic principles but they are somewhat different.

The types of meditation are:

  • Mindfulness
  • Zen
  • Transcendental
  • Kundalini
  • Qi gong
  • Guided visualization
  • Trance-based practices
  • Heart Rythym

Each of these methods are done slightly different but all provide you with the same benefits.  Some methods of meditation require more discipline than others and some require professional assistance when learning them.  Some require you to be completely still, and another form has you doing various types of controlled movements, while others have you easily moving your body.

The end result is the same for all types of meditation and that is to quiet your mind, free yourself from stress and take you to your inner self with controlled breathing and concentration.

Project meditation can be used as a meditation guide to help you make it an essential part of your daily life and once you have done so you will most likely say to yourself “why didn’t I start doing this sooner”.

An important point to remember is when using any of these meditation techniques is not to rush things, let it come naturally, practice with consistency and you will be fine.

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How to Learn Meditation with Project Meditation?

How to Learn Meditation with Project Meditation?

Our lifestyle today seems to be more hectic and at times can bring stress to our lives.  Let’s face it when you are trying to juggle work and family responsibilities it is very easy for stress levels to increase and overtime your health will start to feel the effects.

There are various beneficial ways to alleviate stress and the one I’m discussing here today is meditation, specifically Project Meditation.

A question that gets asked by many people is how do you meditate or how do you learn meditation?  If you have ever tried meditaion you may have noticed that it wasn’t as easy as you thought.  Let’s face it our attention spans are taxed to the limit these days so learning how to meditate takes some practice.  It will take some time to control your thoughts so they stop wondering all over the place so you can focus it back to your mindfulness meditation.

Having said that, like anything worthwhile, the more you do it, the easier it will become to keep focused.  A way to monitor your progress is by seeing how long a single thought can be focused on without losing that thought.

Here are some quick tips you can use as a meditation guide when getting starting to help you get the most out of your meditating experience.

  1. Practice meditation in a calming environment – limit your distractions.
  2. Soothing music & lighting such as candles – sets the mood just right
  3. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing  – kick off your shoes and relax
  4. Your thought strays – gently bring your attention back to your breathing

When you learn meditation through the Project Meditation course you will find out for yourself how effective it is in promoting good health.

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Project Meditation – Is it Scientifically Proven Meditation Works?

Project Meditation – Is it Scientifically Proven Meditation Works?

Meditation  has been practiced for thousands of years in all cultures.  There are countless sports professionals, celebrities and successful business people who practice and enjoy the many meditation benefits.

Research is now starting to scientifically prove that meditation is a safe and easy way to bring balance to your mental, emotional and physical health.

Studies have been done on meditation benefits by the likes of Harvard Medical School and Ohio State University.  These studies all indicate that meditation promotes the benefits of helping fight many stress related illnesses and these genes increase more with regular practice.

One study showed that our disease fighting genes become more active when doing meditation than when not doing some form of relaxation technique.  And the good news is it is not too late to start.  Now if that doesn’t want you to start to learn meditation I’m not sure anything will.

From what I can attest to is when you learn meditation you will find that it is quite possibly the single way to provide your health with the benefits needed to enjoy a healthy life.

Here are some meditation benefits…..

  • Decrease anxiety
  • Self-confidence booster
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Increase feeling of wellbeing
  • Improves concentration
  • Helps in weight loss

As you can see the benefits of practicing Project Meditation on a consistent basis are many.  Anyone can learn how to learn meditation and it doesn’t matter the age you start, what matters is that you start.

The one thing that we have total control of in our lives is US.  If you want to improve anything in your life it is up to you do make that happen.  Meditation will help you become more aware of you and will help you bring a sense of calm and control, you will fell more relaxed and happy and it will teach you to go with the flow more and the little things will become less irritating.

What are you waiting for, grab your free meditation tool called Project Meditation today and help yourself improve your general health for today and going forward.

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